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Electrolysis Ionized Alkaline Water Machines
Various Uses

Alkaline Ionized Water
is good for drinking. Due to its higher permeability, it acts to control abnormal fermentation in the intestines, indigestion and diarrhea. It is effective in balancing the acid amount
in the body. In cooking, this alkaline water can make food tastier and retain the nutrients in food.Regular consuming of the Alkaline Ionized Water will facilitated metabolism.

- Washing food ingredients
- For cooking soup
- For boiling green vegetables
- For cleaning or soaking vegetables
- For cooking noodles
- For cooking rice
- For making dough, tempura batter and so on..

- As drinking water
- For green tea, red tea, coffee
- For making ice
- For mixing with whisky and other drinks...
Acidic Ionized Water from the Faliz Aqua machine is mildly acidic has an effective Astringent effect which is good the skin.
- For washing of hands
- For skin caring & conditioning
- For bathing

- Dishwashing
- Cleaning cookware and utensils

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Korea FDA Approval Certificates Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Certificate
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