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Sewage Wastewater Sludge Carbonizing System

About Carbonizing

Sewage sludge is a general term used to describe the solids produced during the water reclamation process at a municipal sewage plant, including the sludge removed from an aerobic or anaerobic digester. It is chemically and biologically unstable containing active pathogens, toxic substances, heavy metals, and living microbes. Disposing sludge at landfills or reclaimed lands may not be health-protective. The buried sludge will pose potential risk to human health and the environment.

The advanced "High Speed Wastewater Sludge Carbonizing Process" offers by far the best solution to manage sewage wastewater sludge. It decomposes all the organic materials inside the sludge except the carbon, by heating the sludge at high temperature under no oxygen or with low oxygen condition. Flammable gases formed by hydrocarbons, is produced. The water in the sludge and some of heavy metals such as mercury (Hg) will be vaporized by the heat generated from the combustion of the flammable gases.

Main Features

Benefits of Carbonizing System

Great Volume Reduction 0 Residual
90% reduction by volume and weight. The Carbonized material is odorless, stable and highly permeable to air and water hence can be used as soil conditioner and fertilizer ingredient, air deodorant, dehydration agent, snow melting agent and so on. There is therefore no residual.

High Speed Treatment Process and Space-saving

It takes only 15-20 minutes to carbonize the sludge. The facility is compact by design, the system occupies very small space.

Energy-saving System with no Emission

The system can be designed to use cost effective fuel such as natural gas. The system re-cycles the heat and direct all gases into drying and gas-treatment furnaces. The system therefore saves energy and emits less but flue gas only. The advanced carbonizing system also reduce the generation of dioxin and other toxic gases.
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